About us

About us

Our History

Managing a family office, either as a principal or senior executive is a unique responsibility. Established in 2009, GPFO is a private membership association catering to an international network of family office professionals, family members, and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. Our mission is to foster meaningful connections and facilitate the exchange of knowledge within this exclusive community.

We understand that the family office extends far beyond mere financial considerations. Our holistic approach encompasses the diverse needs and interests of our members, ensuring a well-rounded experience that goes beyond investments.
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About us

Our Pillars

All our offerings, whether it be our events or our publications, rest on at least one of three key pillars, ensuring that there is something for every type of member.

Best Practice & Thought Leadership

It involves staying updated on the latest trends and developments relevant to family offices. By being at the forefront of industry knowledge, we help provide valuable insights and guidance to our members, achieved through initiatives such as conducting webinars, hosting conferences, and actively engaging with relevant communities.

Investment Themes & Ideas

This pertains to identifying and analysing potential investment themes and ideas that align with the investment and business objectives of our members. We conduct thorough research on various sectors, markets, and industries to identify potential investment opportunities and present these to our members in intimate forums.

Research & Advocacy

We conduct in-depth research on specific topics or issues related to the family office industry to generate valuable insights, reports, or data that are shared with stakeholders or the broader community. We work to promote the interests of family offices and to raise awareness of the unique challenges they face. As champions of the family office, we strive to ensure that the voice of our members is heard and that their needs are met
About us

Our Platform

By providing a range of valuable services, including face-to-face events, online resources, and a compelling digital publications, we empower our members to thrive in their professional endeavours and make informed decisions.


We organise private gatherings worldwide, providing opportunities for family offices and service providers to engage in discussions, debates, and networking. These events include private breakfasts, luncheons, and coffee mornings in exclusive venues, creating an intimate environment for meaningful interactions.


We publish the Family Office Global (FOG), our flagship bi-annual publication exclusively distributed to our members. FOG offers thought leadership on key issues within the family office community. We also publish subscribers-only and open-access newsletters and articles bi-monthly to expand on the wealth of family office knowledge.


We offer tailored research services to family offices, providing valuable insights and information on topics such as corporate governance, philanthropy, compliance, and executive remuneration. The research findings are disseminated through seminars, online platforms, and direct distribution.

Members Portal

Our members portal is the hub of content and contains essential tools and resources for our members. It includes the events library, with all available presentation materials, and speaker information, upcoming forums, for members to register early and check the calendar.

Jobs Board

The most comprehensive jobs board focussed exclusively on roles in single family offices and private multi family offices globally. Including member listed roles and third party advertised roles.


GPFO 100 is a directory of service providers approved by GPFO and endorsed to the worldwide family office network and Association.

Meet our conference partners

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