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Use Cases: How Family Offices use GPFO Membership

The four most stated benefits to family offices of GPFO Membership, from existing members.
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GPFO Champions of the Family Office
Written by
Hugo King-Oakley
Published on
19 September 2023


We are excited to announce the publication of the four most common use cases of GPFO membership. These use cases are designed to provide valuable insights about the resources available to GPFO members, helping them navigate the complex world of managing a family office. The four use cases are:

Use Cases

  1. Best Practice
  2. Investments
  3. Connections
  4. Hiring
"Our members operate at the pinnacle of private wealth. They utilise GPFO membership, our platform and resources to stay ahead in an ever evolving landscape. We have been a 'clearing house' for issues for a decade and a half and today we are pleased to share the four most common reasons family offices join the GPFO community." Dr. Michael J. Oliver, Co-Founder of GPFO

Best Practice

Insights from family office leaders and best-in-class experts. Our platform offers access to a wealth of best practices in the family office industry. The members portal provides tools and resources to help family offices stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Additionally, our publications for members unpack best practices for family offices, offering valuable insights and practical advice. Operational challenges are many and evolving, from benchmarking operations, to understanding the shifting operational and compliance landscapes, across jurisdictions.

70% of family office use peer networks as a key tool for benchmarking family governance.

"Much of the family office ecosystem recognise GPFO's contribution to the professionalisation of European single family offices over the past decade and a half. Through our peer to peer events, publications, research and resources we are delighted to be a trusted forum to discuss best practice and advance the wider family office ecosystem." Hugo King-Oakley, Community & Private Markets at GPFO


Understanding investment themes and ideas is crucial for family offices. Our platform provides access to a wide range of resources and insights, helping family offices identify and capitalize on investment opportunities. Our platform serves as a hub for investment ideas and market insights in a closed-door peer community. With GPFO, family offices can leverage the power of a strong network to access exclusive opportunities and stay ahead in the ever-changing investment landscape.

41% of family offices want better access to investment.


Networking is a key component of success in the family office industry. GPFO membership offers opportunities for family offices to connect with industry experts, thought leaders, and other family offices. GPFO has grown significantly over the past decade and a half and we now have a global network of members across over 30 jurisdictions.

61% of family office use peer networks when searching for investment ideas and emerging opportunities.


Finding the right talent is essential for family offices. GPFO membership offers access to a global network of professionals with expertise in the family office industry. Our jobs board is the most active jobs board exclusively for roles in single family offices and private multi family offices. It can be used to post job openings and connect with qualified candidates.

90% of family offices who faced challenges recruiting reported lack of available talent as the key challenge with recruiting.


The publication of the four most common use cases of GPFO membership marks a milestone for our organization. We are committed to providing valuable resources and insights to our members, helping them navigate the complex world of private wealth and make informed decisions. Our four use cases - best practice, investment themes and ideas, connections, and hiring - are designed to share how existing members benefit from membership. By offering access to a wealth of best practices, insights, networking opportunities, and talent acquisition resources, GPFO membership represents an extensive toolbox to arm family offices. As the family office landscape continues to evolve, GPFO is well positioned to support its members and help shape the future of the industry.


Q: How do I access the Use Cases?

A: Visit the dedicate page for the Use Cases here.

Q: Are the use cases the only ways to benefit from GPFO membership?

A: The use cases outlined above are the most common reasons stated by existing GPFO members as the greatest benefits of membership, broadly grouped. There are many additional ways that membership may benefit your family office.

Q: How do I join GPFO membership?

A: Submit an application here. Eligibility criteria apply.


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