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15th Anniversary Edition of Family Office Global (FOG) Magazine

The Spring 2024 Edition of FOG is the 15th Anniversary Edition of the Family Office Publication
GPFO Publication 2024 | Family Office Global (FOG) Spring Edition 2024


Today marks the publication of the 15th Anniversary Edition of Family Office Global (FOG) Magazine. Consistent with the 1st edition of FOG in 2009, it explores a spectrum of topics, from best practice issues and investment themes to geopolitics, all through the lens of the family office.

"GPFO is 15 years old this year. I recall back in 2009 the words ‘family office’ seemed largely unfamiliar to many people outside of the world of private wealth... At GPFO, our focus is not on the glitz and glamour of wealth but remains focused on the blood, sweat, and tears within the family office and the efforts needed to preserve and create wealth across generations... I am incredibly proud of the work which GPFO has undertaken over the last 15 years, and look forward to continuing to work with families across the globe during our next chapter of growth."
Dr. Michael J. Oliver (Co-Founder of GPFO)

Editor's Letter

Anniversaries are a time to look forward, as well as to celebrate past achievements. This new edition of Family Office Global opens with a fascinating discussion between our own Michael Oliver and Hugo King-Oakley about the core principles of Global Partnership Family Offices and the key challenges and opportunities that family offices will face over the next few years. In an accompanying article, Hugo explains how the GPFO platform continues to evolve to provide the best service to members.

2024 is election year in both the UK and the US. Who better than Bruce Anderson to take the political temperature in
Westminster? Despite unfavourable opinion polls, Bruce suggests that all is not yet lost for Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives but warns that time is running out if they are to turn the political tide. In a year of political uncertainty, Konrad Hummler, a businessman and former private banker, shares his insight to help investors navigate crosswinds affecting markets this year.

Francis Bellido tells the remarkable story of Quantum eMotion, which is harnessing quantum physics to revolutionise cybersecurity and build a more secure digital future. Meanwhile, Larsen, Strategic Cyber Risk Advisor at Improsec, takes us on a journey across the ever-changing regulatory landscape in Europe and the US to help companies stay up to date with the latest cyber regulations.

We welcome back Elisabetta Basilico and Angelo Calvello, who discuss the importance of family governance to shape a family’s collective vision and purpose for the future. Jeremy S. Lurey, Senior Consultant at The Family Business Consulting Group, also looks to the future with advice on what steps can be taken to sustain family offices from generation to generation and preserve a family’s legacy.

In the pursuit of a prosperous, low carbon future, investors and innovators alike are turning their attention to carbon utilization, says Iain Evans, Chief Executive of Anodyne Chemistries. He explains how family offices, with their diverse portfolios and long-term investment horizons, are well-placed to capitalise on this emerging trend.

Mike Gill, Principal of Gill Wealth & Family Office, is our guest for the ever-popular Quickfire Q&A. He reveals a love of painting and talks of his plans for a road trip on a Harley the full length of Route 66.

As always, many thanks to all our contributors for sharing their insights with GPFO members. We hope you enjoy this latest edition of Family Office Global.

Martin Barrow


The Spring Edition of FOG 2024 was published this week. Download this edition here.

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